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5 Factors to Consider Before Replacing Your Glass Coffee Tabletop

Glass coffee tables are a stylish addition to a home. They help spaces appear larger and brighter because of their transparency. But one downside of glass, especially a glass tabletop, is the wear and tear that it likely accrues over the years. Glass tabletops eventually chip, crack and even break under the strain of a thousand and one cups of coffee.

But before you replace your glass coffee tabletop, you might want to select something that is an improvement on the former tabletop. Consider the following factors before you decide how to replace your glass coffee tabletop.

1. Glass Type

If you need to replace your current glass tabletop because of a breakage or severe crack, consider replacing it with a tempered glass tabletop. Tempered glass is more durable than annealed glass. This means that it can take more punishment than an annealed glass tabletop. And if a tempered glass coffee table does break, it will break into dull-edged cubes rather than jagged shards.

2. Glass Colour

In general, coffee table glass comes in three main colours: bronze, grey and clear. This might be a good time to choose another colour. You could choose a glass colour that better complements your home's décor.

3. Glass Shape

One great thing about glass is that it is easy to cut, and so you can order custom shapes. You don't have to go for a typical square or rectangular glass tabletop. Instead, you could go for something more dynamic, like an oval-shaped coffee table for instance.

4. Glass Size

Was your old coffee tabletop always big enough for your household's needs? Did you ever struggle to fit every person's cup on it? Or, was it too large for the room it was in? Then now is a good time to change the size of your glass tabletop. Choose a size that works well with the space on offer.

5. Glass Edge Type

What kind of edges did your last coffee tabletop have? Flat edges are more traditional than other edge types. But if you want something that is more modern in appearance, then go for rounded or wave edges. And if you have young children or pets at home, then you should also consider asking your glass replacement supplier to round the corners for you.

Are you about to order a glass replacement for your coffee table? Then be sure to consider the above factors before you choose a replacement.

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