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How to Carry Out Temporary Repairs to a Window

As a homeowner, you can expect damage to your property from time to time caused by a simple accident, adverse weather or deterioration. Occasionally you'll need to deal with a damaged window and may need to take some temporary action before you can bring in an expert to finish the repair. What should you do if you come across just such a situation?

Own Goal

If the kids spend a lot of time playing ball in your back garden then, by the law of averages, that ball may eventually come into contact with one of your windowpanes. Nine times out of 10, the ball will simply bounce off, but occasionally it will cause the glass to crack.

Repair Solutions

Much will depend on the nature of the crack when it comes to affecting a temporary home repair. If you can see that the glass has maintained its seat and its integrity, then you may be able to use one of two options to temporarily secure it.

Adhesive Tape

If you have some tape in your handy draw, place this over the crack along its entire length. Be careful when you attach it, as the pane may not be as strong as it once was, so don't apply too much pressure in case it shatters entirely. If possible, make sure that the surface of the window is as clean as possible and free of any grease before you try to attach the tape.

Nail Polish

Sometimes, the impact will have caused a large number of smaller cracks to appear rather than one longer imperfection. In this case, you may be able to fix the issue using some ordinary nail polish. Of course, this should be colourless in an ideal world, but you should be able to apply a small amount to each crack. Once again, however, be careful with the pressure. Apply several layers if necessary, and once the nail polish hardens, it should provide a certain amount of protection.

Next Action

While a temporary repair like this can be effective, it is not meant to be long-lasting. You should call in a glass repair technician to have a look at the problem and to advise you about your next course of action. You may have to replace the glass entirely, or they may be able to come up with an alternative solution. Either way, try to ensure that the kids are a little less boisterous next time!

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