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Glass Shower Screen Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Most homeowners today have chosen to adopt state-of-the-art home decoration. One of the common decorations for the bathroom is shower screens made of glass. Glass shower screens are very popular because they are appealing, durable and flexible. Generally, they make the bathroom look extremely elegant. Nevertheless, the type of water you use in your home determines the amount of work required to keep your glass screen in good condition.

Due to this, homeowners don't find the shower screen cleaning task interesting, but the more often you clean it, the easier it gets. If you ensure your glass is cleaned regularly, you will not only help the shower run properly but also save on time and effort. So, here are various tricks and tips to help you with this chore:

Fabric softener

One of the effective ways to eliminate soap residue and scums on a frameless shower screen is by mixing a litre of water with fabric softener. Simply place a sponge into the mixture and rub the glass screen, then rinse it off using warm water.

White vinegar

Another necessity you need to have when you install a glass screen in your bathroom is white vinegar. This product has proven to be very efficient in cleaning different things, including glass panels. Take a spray bottle and put white vinegar in it, then spray the glass screen. Use a non-starch sponge to brush the mixture on the glass panel as you spray. Once you are done, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Be sure to place labels on the bottle for safety purposes; you don't want your children to start playing with the bottle that contains white vinegar by assuming its water.

Lemon juice and salt

In case the glass shower door you installed is also made up of metal, you must keep this cleaning tip in mind always. After using your bathroom for some time, you may notice that rust is forming on the glass screen, making it look dirty and old. The solution to this problem is to make a paste by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of salt. Rub the mixture onto the rusty areas using a toothbrush. Allow it to sit for several minutes then use warm water to rinse.

Keep the caulk fresh

Finally, you need to ensure your caulk is always fresh. Through caulking, you will get to seal all layers in a shower tile. This will help you maintain the appearance of your glass screens and create a waterproof seal that will keep moisture from getting into the bathroom tiles.

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