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Critical Signs of Impending Window Repairs

You will be extremely hard-pressed to find a house that has no windows. Despite the fact that these structures ubiquitously feature in every home, they are often underrated. Some homeowners will only consider their windows as a means of ensuring natural light in their home while also providing them with views of their surroundings. In reality, windows go beyond these two duties. The proper windows an enhance the energy efficiency of your home by keeping out drafts, blocking out heat and retaining comfortable temperatures indoors. Since windows are not paid much attention, any signs of decline can easily go unnoticed. The article below outlines critical signs you should know indicative of impending window repairs.

Unwanted drafts in the home

One of the most common signs of a window in decline is unwanted or unexplainable breezes in the house. The reason why unwanted drafts eventually make their way into your residence is due to the deterioration of the sealant. The sealant is installed around the window frames, and its primary purpose is to mitigate the weathering of the windows. With time, this sealant will start to crack or crumble, and these damages can be attributed to normal wear. If you do not engage in the routine sealing of your windows, drafts will eventually breach your windows and inflate your air conditioning costs. Thus, the moment you notice your curtains subtly fluttering due to wind when your windows are shut, you should start focusing on repairing windows.

Sticking or jamming of the windows

While jamming or sticking windows are usually associated with foundation problems, in some cases it may just mean that your windows need repair. When this issue starts to happen, it primarily stems from the frame. Moreover, if you have timber frames. Exposure to high humidity will cause the timber window frame to expand, which in turn leads to pressure against the windows themselves. If the timber frame does not go back to its original size, you will find it progressively harder to open and shut your windows since the framing is misaligned. When operating your windows becomes a challenging affair, it is definitely time to seek professional repairs.

Malfunctioning locks

Your front door is your primary point of entry, so it is likely you emphasise keeping it locked. But what about your windows? While window locks may not be a significant concern for you, they do help in deterring intruders from breaking in. Over time, the locks will succumb to weathering, which means they can lose their functionality. However, instead of ignoring this issue, it is crucial to have them repaired so that you are guaranteed all access points in your home are secured. 

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