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Three Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Shower Curtain with a Door

Most people install a PVC curtain to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom because it is an easy and cheap installation. However, due to the high moisture levels in the bathroom, the curtains usually last for a short period before they need to be replaced. Getting a shower curtain, therefore, becomes a kind of recurrent expenditure. To make matters worse, your bathroom never quite looks as elegant as it should when you have a curtain installed. Here are three reasons why you need to consider frameless glass instead of the curtain the next time you are replacing your shower curtain.

Creating an illusion of space

The bathroom is usually one of the tiniest corners of most homes. Space looks even smaller and more cramped when there is a curtain separating one side of the room from the other. When you install a frameless glass door, you open up space and create an illusion that the place is more extensive than its actual size. In addition to making the room appear large, glass installation makes the fixtures in the bathroom such as the bathtub shine and allows anyone visiting the room to see its complete beauty.

Eliminating mould and mildew

Frameless glass enclosures are the easiest to clean. Glass does not encourage the growth of mould and mildew, unlike materials like wood and some materials used in making shower curtains. When you install a frameless door, you eliminate those hidden corners and nooks where ordinarily mould would develop. You also seal the water in the shower part of the bathroom, preventing it from getting onto the floor and creating a mould problem on the grout.

Curating a style

The bathroom is one of the main parts of the home where you can showcase your sense of style in interior décor. When you use glass, you create an open and airy space, and all aspects of the bathroom are unified aesthetically. You can have frameless enclosures and doors customised to match your taste.

If you are thinking about creating a new look in the bathroom, there is more than one reason to try the frameless glass enclosures and shower doors. The most crucial part of the process is looking for a professional glass installation company, like Toscan Glass, to handle the upgrade for you. They will visit your home, assess the bathroom situation and recommend the most appropriate enclosure or door. 

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