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Picking the Perfect Wall Mirror for Your Home

Wall mirrors can be vital assets when you are decorating your home. Since they reflect light, they brighten and widen small and dark walls to make them more inviting. Wall mirrors also add decorative looks to your rooms, making them a suitable focal point for your space. Would you like to choose a perfect wall mirror? The key is to know what you wish to create. Listed below are essential factors you must consider.


One of the essential decision you must make as you choose a wall mirror is how large it need to be. The size is influenced by several factors, like the impact you want it to make in a room and the size of the wall you intend to place it on. If you would like to hang your mirror on a large wall in a dining room, bedroom or living room, make sure you make a bold statement. An expert can guide you accordingly, especially when it comes to calculating the space for the mirror. Make sure you measure the wall to know the available space you have and determine how much of it you would like the mirror to fill.


When you shop for wall mirrors, you will realise some have frames while others don't. If a mirror doesn't have a frame, its shape or size gives it a strong presence in the room. Or, you can choose to go for a framed styled mirror that has a decorative punch. Consider picking a simple metallic, plastic or wooden frame to get a streamlined, sleek appearance. If you are searching for a more dramatic and formal look, go for a mirror that has an ornate frame; it will serve as a focal point in any of your rooms. You may also seek out a wall mirror with mosaic style frames, which feature an eye-catching look.


Although rectangular and square options are very common, you can still get wall mirrors in other shapes. Rectangular and square mirrors offer a traditional look, but picking a mirror with unusual shape will bring attention to the wall even if the mirror lacks a decorative frame or it's small. Choose an oval or round wall mirror if you want a simple, striking look. However, if you intend to make a huge design statement, go for a bold starburst-shaped mirror.

These tips will help you to make an informed decision the next time you are picking a mirror; be sure to put them into consideration. For more information, contact a local company that sells mirrors in Melbourne.



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