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4 Reasons to Choose Glass Tiles vs. a Solid Glass Pane for Your Kitchen Splashback

It isn't hard to see why glass splashbacks are so popular. They offer a wide selection of design options, excellent heat resistance, and an attractive reflective surface. However, you might find yourself struggling to decide between a glass splashback made of a single large pane and one made from lots of smaller tiles.

There are advantages on both sides, but here are just four reasons why glass tiles might be a better fit.

1. Easier Installation

Glass tile splashbacks are considerably easier to install than solid-pane splashbacks. In fact, you should be able to do the job yourself. Whether you want to exercise your DIY skills or simply get tradesman in and out of your house as quickly as possible, choosing glass tiles makes sense.

2. More Versatile Appearance

One of the great things about glass splashbacks is just how versatile they are – you can find them in just about every style imaginable. Using glass tiles allows you to take full advantage of the array of styles on offer since you can mix and match to create a mosaic appearance. You'll be surprised how adding just a few character tiles can completely reinvent a splashback's appearance. If you go with a solid pane of glass, you won't enjoy such flexibility.

3. Easier Repairs 

The toughened glass used to make kitchen splashbacks is very hard to chip, crack, scratch or otherwise damage – that's a key part of its appeal. However, no splashback is indestructible, and it's not out of the question yours may sustain some form of damage. If this ever happens, you'll be glad you opted for a tiled glass splashback instead of a solid pane. It might be inconvenient to remove and replace a couple of glass tiles, but it's far more inconvenient (not to mention expensive) to replace an entire solid pane splashback. In fact, many suppliers will provide a few extra glass tiles to ensure repairs will be easy to make if they're ever necessary.

4. Lower Cost

Even the most minor of kitchen remodelling projects doesn't come cheap, so you'll probably be eager to keep costs down when choosing a kitchen splashback. A solid pane glass splashback will generally be on the more expensive side because of the need to cut a section of glass to perfectly match your space. If you need plenty of gaps for outlets or to work around any tricky areas, a solid pane can be especially expensive. Tiles don't need to be custom made, so they work out much cheaper.

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