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Cleaning Your Auto Glass in Spring

Spring is almost here, meaning your cleaning efforts are underway. For your vehicle, you need to do repairs, maintenance checks and regular cleaning to remove ice and snow. Your car's window glass also needs some cleaning and maintenance. A car window glass expert will repair any crack that is caused by harsh climate and debris and care for it the more. However, you too can take care of your car glass windows with the following tips.

Fix the blades

Use wiper blades to keep your car window glass clear. If the wiper blades don't do the job well, use a damp cloth and add some white vinegar and clean the wiper blades to get rid of debris that causes the streaks. If this too does not work, then the issue may not be with your wiper blades, and you will have to consider glass window repairs. Emergency glass repair services are readily available in many places in Australia.

How to choose the right car window glass cleaner?

There are a number of glass cleaners on the market. When choosing a brand to use, stay aware of cleaners that contain alcohol and ammonia because these can release bizarre chemicals that are not eco-friendly and are harmful to humans as well. Hence, they are not safe to use on your car. In addition, ammonia causes streaks on car window glass and destroys the tinting.

Clean all corners

With time, dirt and debris clog up in all the corners of the windshield. These corners are difficult to access and so it is easy to forget them when cleaning. Using a small brush and toothbrush with a small amount of glass cleaner, you can wipe all the corners of the windshield.

Use proper towels when cleaning and drying the glass window

Most car owners use old clothes, towels and socks to clean their car windows. Well, this is a great way to save money but these materials cause scratches and streaks on the clear glass. Instead, use a microfibre towel for car window glass. The towels produce tiny electrostatic charges that get rid of dirt while you are wiping, leaving a crystal clear glass. When cleaning, keep in mind that you should clean the car glass first and then use another towel to dry it. You surely don't want dirt and debris to get back on the glass once you have cleaned it. Buy enough microfiber towels, and don't forget to straight wipe when clean, and don't clean in a circular motion.

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